AK 47

June 3, 2008 – 9:01 pm

ak47AK-47 was introduced by Mikhail Kalashnihov and it was originated in the Soviet Union. It’s a 7.62 mm assault gun, introduced in two versions, the permanent stock AK-47 and the AKS -47 variant outfitted with an underfolding metal stock. In 1944 its design work was started. Later on in 1946 the rifle was given for trials to the military officials and after a year the folding stock version was introduced and was taken in to the service by the select units of the red army.  In the year 1949 the rifle was officially accepted by the armed forces of the Soviet Union.

Many member states of the former Warsaw Pact also use this rifle. The AK- 47 was also used as the base for the improvement of number of many other types of individuals and also crew-served rifles. It was the first finest and true assault firearm. Because of its good durability and easiness while use it’s the most extensively used assault rifle on this earth. As compared to any other assault rifle in the world more AK type rifle has been introduced. AK is quite simple, cheap to be produced and even easy to be clean and maintain.

Its roughness and reliability are famous too. The rifle was initially introduced to make operation easy and mend by glove wearing soldiers of Soviet in chilly conditions. If talk about the actual service life of this rifle is around 20 to 40 years also depends on the conditions to which it has been actually exposed.
ak47 ak47 Ak47

The notched rear tangent iron sight is flexible and in hundred of meters it is calibrated. The gas piston, the interior of the gas cylinder, the bore and also the chamber all are plated with chromium. This plating of the chromium increases the service life of these parts by resisting rust and its wear.

The fire rate of the rifle is 600 per minute and the barrel length is 415 mm that is 16.3 inches. The front site of the rifle is most flexible in respect of rise in the field. The legal status of the rifle differs in different localities.

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