Bank of Baroda

February 7, 2008 – 8:37 pm


Prior to independence from the British Rule, the ancient India was ruled by princely states, scattered over the width and breadth of the large Indian nation.  The Maharajas of the inner States of colonial India contributed to the welfare of their respective regions as well as the Indian nation as a whole.  Their vision and foresight in founding various financial, charitable, social and philanthropic organizations during their time is still cherished by any one going into the history of modern India and its achievements in every walk of life.

The Maharaja of Baroda, a princely state of British India, by name Sir Sayyajirao Gaekwad III, had the same vision in establishing a bank for servicing the public at large and the citizens of Baroda State, a Gujarathi population in particular. On 20th July 1908, Bank of Baroda was established under the rules of Companies Act 1897, in a small building at Baroda, by the Maharaja with a paid up capital of Rs.10 lakhs. The guidelines set by the Maharaja for the bank was to serve the people of the State of Baroda as well as the neighboring regions with money lending, saving, transmission and encouraging the development of arts, science, commerce and trade for the people.

Even during the worst financial disaster caused by the First World War, during the period 1913 to 1917, when as many as 87 banks closed their shutters, Bank of India survived the turbulence with its clear vision, ethical standards and financial prudence to grow from strength to strength. There were heroes to sustain the development of this bank to its present glory, from ordinary people as customers and the heirs of the Royal family of Baroda.

The success story of the Bank of Baroda is studded with many a leaps and strides it made in the International presence, apart from establishing branches all over the Indian nation, by acquisition of already popular banking entities, as also commencing new commercial banking establishments, in the unique Gujarathi style. During the years of 1908 to 2007 (and the century year being round the corner) Bank of Baroda’s growth owes to the excellence in rendering financial products and services to the national and international population. Countries beginning from America to Zambia, in the alphabetical order have been enjoying the services of Bank of Baroda as of today.

A brief statistics will reveal the magnitude of growth Bank of India has achieved today :  fifth largest bank in India; total assets over 1,78,000 crore’s, number of offices and branches 2800; more than 1000 ATMs, notwithstanding affiliates, subsidiaries and delivery channels all over the world.

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