October 7, 2008 – 9:20 am

Canon Inc, a multinational Japanese company is world leaders in imaging product and technologies. They specialize in optical and digital imaging products such as computer printers, digital cameras, multi functional peripherals, scanners, fax machines, digital camcorders, all-in-ones, multi media projectors and photocopier. The global head quarter of Canon Inc is Canon Inc, Tokyo. Canon Inc was established in 1937 with only a few employees and the determination to make the best high quality camera in the world. Canon has pioneered in five imaging engines technology, namely, Display, Bubble Jet, Semiconductor, Electro photography and Optical Engine. These high tech areas allows in the creation and launch of more than eighty products each year. More than six decades after it started, Fortune 500 has ranked it at 154th and canon has explored the various areas of digital imaging.

Canon Inc has set up over 184 companies throughout the world and has employed above 100,000 people in production, research & development and sales & marketing. Canon is devoted in producing pioneering technologies and products to be able to improve the efficiency at offices and home. Every year canon gives eight percent of its total revenue to R&D. canon offers the maximum range of products in digital imaging products and technologies having registered about 2300 original technologies in inkjet printers, 1100 in digital cameras, 200 in scanners and more than 5600 patented technologies in multifunctional printers. Canon is also a climate friendly company and seeks to conserve the natural resources with the use of environmental friendly manufacturing and research policies which help to reduce waste products and hence preserve the natural resources. According to a survey report by one of the England based environmental based organizations, canon toped the list of 56 companies in environment friendly organizations.

Canon India was set up in the year 1997. Since then, canon has gone on to become the pioneer organization in the imaging solutions and document management. It is an ISO 9001: 2000 certified company and has the customer base of over 10 lacs. Canon presence is expanding in India and is expected to reach the mark of 6000 partners by December 2008.

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