Chacha Chaudhary

March 25, 2007 – 10:53 pm


Chacha Chaudhary is one of the most famous Indian comic characters. He was created by Pran Kumar Sharma in 1969 though he first appeared in the Hindi comic magazine “LotPot” in 1971. His first comic was “Chacha Chaudhary and the Pocket Thief”. Chacha means uncle in Hindi. From then on he has come a long way selling almost ten million copies and being published in ten different Indian languages.

Chacha Chaudhary is portrayed as a middle class, old Indian. Physically he is not strong but his strength lies in his brain. He is always shown as holding a stick and wearing a red turban.

His family includes his wife, Bini, more famously known simply as Chachi (Hindi for aunt). His companions include Rocket, who is a street dog and Sabu who is a giant from the planet Jupiter. Sabu decided to stay permanently on Earth after tasting delicious food made by Chachi’s hands. When need arises Sabu helps Chacha Ji with his physical strength.

Chacha Chaudhary is remarkably different from other superheroes whether Indian or foreign that he does not have a single superpower to his credit except of course his mind about which it is said that “Chacha Ji’s brain is sharper than a needle and works faster than a supercomputer”. Chacha Ji has solved more than eighty cases till now, most of them involving supernatural or scientific threats. He has a red convertible as his car.

Raka who was a dacoit earlier but became immortal after drinking a magic potion and Gobar Singh are the main enemies of Chacha Chaudhary. Currently Diamond Comics are the publishers of Chacha Chaudhary. Even though he has immense fan following, Chacha Chaudhary series has drawn ire of some for its poor illustrations and incorrect English translations.

A television series based on Chacha Chaudhary was made casting Raghuvir Yadav in the lead role as Chacha Chaudhary. Praveen Kumar played the role of Sabu and Madhuri Sanjeev as Chachi. The series was produced by Maya Entertainment and was aired on Sahara Television in May 2002.

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  1. 39 Responses to “Chacha Chaudhary”

  2. thats pretty cool to be found out. i kind’a like that. but ‘ld just like to say that i love reading comix and i’ll never ever stop doing guys n gals out there, who love or hate cartoons, ….do appreciate me for that

    By nishant gupta on Mar 28, 2007

  3. Its True………
    “Chacha Chadhaury Ka Dimag Computer Se Tez Chalta Hai”
    I Love Him;
    Its Greatest Creation Of Cartoonist “PRAN”
    I Still Read It.

    By Piyush Srivastava on Mar 28, 2007

  4. chachaji is best among Indian comic characters…he shows that strenght lies in brain not muscles…

    By vikas on Mar 28, 2007

  5. he is my first childhood hero

    By Soumen Mondal on Mar 28, 2007

  6. “Chacha Chadhaury Ka Dimag Computer Se Tez Chalta Hai”

    that is why new desktop pcs are coming with Chacha Chadhauries brain integrated lol..

    By Jeba on Mar 29, 2007

  7. hi
    these are very nice
    i like these indian cartoons a lot.

    CHACHA CHAUDHARY is my favourite comic among all indian comic heroes

    By Sunil on Mar 30, 2007

  8. hi, i am a fan of chacha chowdhry. i hav been reading his comics since my child hood and i must say after reaching at an age of 26 years has also not let down my craze for dis comic. i just love chacha chowdhry

    By BIDYUT PRAVA NANDA on Mar 30, 2007

  9. hi its great

    By anurag on Mar 31, 2007

  10. This was very interesting and educational! Thanks for sharing! Marilyn

    By Marilyn on Mar 31, 2007

  11. HI ALL

    i m 23 years old, aur maine iss time drink ki hui hai
    but fir bhi, iss article ko padne ke baad mujhe apne purane din yaad aa gye hai
    main bhut comics padta tha, bhut jayada
    i can’t forget it
    n i can’t forget all those days
    i miss those days, reallyyyyyyyyyy

    By nitin on Aug 10, 2007

  12. i love chacha chaudhary story book v much

    By ali on Apr 11, 2008

  13. Hello all,
    Is duniya mein agar koi sabse mehngi cheez hai to wo hai “Hansi…(Smile)”.
    Aur is comic ne logo ki ye zaroorat poori ki hai. Ye sirf bachcho k liye hi nahi hain balki ye comic is tez zindagi mein do pal mukusrane ki…apne sare gham bhoolne ki ek lajawab dawa hai.

    Thanks Chacha Ji.
    Thanks PRAN

    Rahul Tyagi

    By Rahul Tyagi on May 5, 2008

  14. Hii All ,

    actually i am a big fan of chacha chudhary from my school days i use to read chacha ji’s stories and loved them a lot i still miss those days, when i was in school we use to visit my grandparents place in summer vacations me an my cousine use to get 20 to 30 nos chacha chowdhary and Billu and pinky
    comics on rent for a day and use to exchange them , seriously i miss those days a lot. now i m working as a manager in a MNC and still read these comics to overcome stress

    All my regards to Pran Uncle .


    Anuj Agarwal

    By Anuj Agarwal on Jul 23, 2008

  15. Hi!
    some body can tell me that where i can get raman is comic in jaipur.

    By Shadab Niazi on Aug 15, 2008

  16. chachaji is the great personality in INDIA…..specialy in haryana……and specially in panchkula……spe

    By Raghav on Oct 22, 2008

  17. i love reading chacha’s books from my childhood onwards.and it’s the best comic book i had ever cene

    By lalithasaradhi on Nov 14, 2008

  18. hai, this is sri
    i love comics a lot
    ans most of my friends call me as a small child but rather i love these comics since these r only the best books which make us away from stress
    ani my favorite hero is always chacha chowdary
    i used to feel as my own chacha ya really
    thanks 4 sharing bye

    By srivalli on Feb 3, 2009

  19. i love comics a lot
    ans most of my friends call me as a small child but rather i love these comics since these r only the best books which make us away from stress
    and my favorite hero is always chacha chowdary
    i used to feel as my own chacha ya really
    thanks 4 sharing bye

    By srivalli on Feb 3, 2009

  20. i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee chacha chaudri comics

    By utsav on Mar 6, 2009

  21. This comic s really very intresting…….koi bhi comic ko pad ke boor nahi ho sakta………. or ek he comic mei etni sari short stories vo bhi etni intersting padne ko milti hai……. its really nice……….

    By sakshi on Mar 8, 2009

  22. it is very famous in allover india
    i also like it but i am not getting any site which will give me to download its comic eddition

    By Priyal on Apr 26, 2009

  23. hey , chacha chaudhary is great character.
    got a rural touch very pleasing/.
    it reminds me of my childhood.
    i use to get invloved and get the feel of the characters in it.
    really today also aas i see the comic , i feel like going back to childhood.
    wish it was possible…..

    By anand on Jul 16, 2009

  24. I am a frequent reader of Chacha Choudhary Comics.
    I always read it. Specially for Sabu & Raka.
    Hope no one will refuse to say, “LOVE U CHACHA CHOUDHARY”
    Sachin Kukwas

    By Sachin Kukwas on Nov 5, 2009

  25. Hello,
    i m Sophie i like Chacha Chaudhary it is very nice

    By Sophie on Dec 18, 2009

  26. chacha ji you are great@ shadab

    By shadab asghar on Feb 2, 2010

  27. ILove story book and my favorite book is chacha chaudhary

    By nehakhan on Apr 8, 2010

  28. hey i love chacha choudhary stories bcoz these stories remember me my child hood when i was very innocent

    By Iloveashishweta on Sep 12, 2010

  29. i think now a days computers are much master may be now chacha’s dimag is not tez then computer.
    just a joke

    By sam on Oct 22, 2010

  30. i m crazy about it…..

    By preet on Oct 28, 2010

  31. hi iam 22 yr guy but i still love this comics whenever i read this comics chacha choudhary i miss my chilhood days it is a great feeling

    By abhijeet on Dec 22, 2010

  32. I like chacha chaudhary very much.

    By maharshi Dave on Dec 23, 2010

  33. i like the stories of chacha chodhary

    By naeem saifi on Feb 1, 2011

  34. :?: how to download

    By apurv on Mar 8, 2011

  35. i love chacha chaudhary from the moment i read its first book “chacha chaudhary and the pocket thief” the main character that i love is chacha chaudhary because his intelligence can make any one to like him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By RISHU on Apr 4, 2011

  36. hi
    i want chacha chaudhary video if some have plz mail me .

    By suman on Apr 12, 2011

  37. hi i am santan barnwal. i like chacha choudhri most .

    By santan barnwal on May 11, 2011

  38. I like chacha chaudhari’s comics.

    By rITIKA on May 18, 2011

  39. give nme all verge

    By sumit bhasin on Jun 7, 2011

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