December 10, 2008 – 12:40 pm

The sport cricket is a bat-ball game which is played between 2 teams each team consisting eleven players. A match of cricket is held on the grass field that is more or less oval in figure. The centre of the ground is an even strip that is 22 yards long and is called cricket pitch. The wood made wicket is positioned at every end of the pitch.

The cricket sport can be tracked back in the 16th century however it might have originated greatly before than that. It is believed that this game was made-up by the children of the metalworking and the farming societies in Weald amid Sussex and Kent at the time of the medieval era. The written data shows that in the year 1598, a game called creckett was played at Royal Grammar School in Guildford. This is the first clear-cut mention. The game includes a bowler, a contestant from the fielding squad who bowls a very hard, fist-dimensioned ball from the area of 1 wicket towards other. The ball normally bounces one time before it reaches the batsman, a contestant from the other team. The batsman in defense plays with a bat made up of wood. In the meantime, the other players of the bowler’s squad stand in different positions in the field as the fielders. The fielders get back the ball in order to prevent the batsman from scoring runs and get him out if possible. If the batsman does not get out, they can run amid the wickets and score runs. Scores are also earned when the batsman hits for a boundary. The team which scores the maximum runs wins the cricket match.

The game of cricket is a well-recognized sport and it is the 2nd chief popular game universally after football. Over 100 countries are associated to the ICC (International Cricket Council), the cricket’s global governing body. The game’s contemporary form began in England and is very popular in present and past members of Commonwealth. In countries like India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and West Indies, the cricket is the most loved and favored game. It is watched with a lot of passion worldwide.

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