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Doga is an Indian superhero created by Manish Gupta and published by Raj Comics. Doga first appeared in issue no 395 titled “Curfew”. Suraj is Doga’s alter-ego.Daku Halkan Singh (Daku means dacoit in Hindi), a cruel dacoit, finds a skinny Suraj as in a rubbish dump. When the dacoit found Suraj, he was a skinny infant. Halkan Singh adopts Suraj and treats him very badly and calls him dog. During his stay with Halkan, Doga became a sociopath after witnessing the cruel incidents and horrors that goes with the life of a dacoit.

Suraj’s life brightens up after Halkan abandons him and he meets Adrak Chacha and his brothers. Adrak owns a gym, called Lion Gym, where Doga starts his physical training by using weights. He builds his body by training in the gym while getting trained in martial arts by Haldi Khan (Adrak’s brother), in boxing by Dhania Khan (another brother of Adrack) and Kalimirchi Khan, youngest brother of Adrack, teaches him how to shoot and use explosives.

Killota, a former member of the gym, starts his own gym and a rivalry begins with Khan family. In an attack on the Khans by hired goons all the brothers are killed. Suraj seethes with rage and wants to revenge the death of people who gave him love and protection. To avenge the death of his friends and mentors, Suraj dons a dog mask and assumes an identity of Doga. He kills Killota’s gang but does not stop at that. He becomes vigilante by taking action against organized crime in the city of Mumbai. He also kills Daku Halkan who has now become a minister.

Doga’s real identity is known only to a few including Inspector Cheetah, who is now working as a private detective after retirement, and Cheetah’s sister Monica who is also his love interest. Doga has appeared with other Raj Comics heroes like Parmanu, Nagraj, Dhruva, Bheria, Shakti and Inspector Steel. Kal Pahelia is his main enemy who puts a puzzle in every crime he does. As Doga kills all his enemies the list is virtually non existent.

Doga has no super powers other than his ability to communicate with dogs who give him information. He uses his martial arts and his physical power, enhanced in the gym, in combat. He des not shy away from using an impressive arsenal of fire arms and explosives when needed.

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  2. wow cool.. Doga I loved reading his comics.. I have read his first comic curfew :D

    By Jeba on Apr 7, 2007

  3. Doga,nagraj,parmadu,tiranga

    By Vijay on Sep 26, 2009

  4. i like very much raj comics specially of bhediya thanks for this kind of reading

    By narendrasingh on Jul 27, 2010

  5. doga is the best character as a fighter and a hero, i have read alomst all of his comics and would love to share wid you. visit Doga Hindi Comics for doga comics.

    By Doga on Mar 1, 2011

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