Eiffel Tower

January 19, 2009 – 10:47 am

Eiffel tower is an iron tower in Paris, France. It is built on the Champ De Mars, a large green space close to the Seine River. The tower is considered to be a global symbol of France and the tower also comes under the 7 wonders of the world. It is one of the most popular structure and the tallest building in the beautiful city of Paris. The tower was constructed in the year 1889 and around 200,000,000 tourists have visited this place since it was built. In the year 2006 the place was visited by 6,719,200 tourists which shows that place is quite popular and one of the paid structure in the world.
The tower is 325 m (1,063ft) high which will be equal to 81 levels of a normal building and also the antenna which is 24 m (79ft) high. The designer of this tower was Gustave Eiffel and tower was named after him. Presently the Eiffel tower is the fifth tallest structure of France but in Paris it is the tallest structure. The metal and non metal structure of the tower weighs around 10,000 tones but if we will see only the component it weighs around 7,300. The formation of the tower was determined through mathematical calculations and wind resistance. On the Eiffel tower there are 72 names engraved by Gustave Eiffel on their contribution in building the tower. The name includes the names of the French scientists, engineers and some other notable people. The construction of the tower actually got started in 1887 but tower got completed in 1889.
The first level of the tower is 57.63m (189 ft). Space CINIEFFEL gives an outstanding Panorama of outlook from the Eiffel tower. Souvenir shops, restaurants, post office can also be seen. In Panorama gallery the monuments of Paris are displayed. The second level is 115.73 m and offers telescope shops, Jules Verne restaurant (extremely costly) and also the animated displays. The third is 276.13 m. outstanding panorama views, Paris day or night and also its surroundings. Presently, the restored office and the featuring wax statue of Gustave Eiffel and Thomas Edison is in conversation.

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