June 5, 2008 – 8:15 am

The Origin Of Facebook

On February 4, in the year 2004, Facebook was launched. It is a well-known social networking website. This free-used website is solely operated and owned by Facebook, Inc. The Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg and was formerly sited at thefacebook.com while attending the Harvard University as sophomore. The membership was at first restricted to the students of the Harvard College. Within the very first month, over half of the undergraduate students in that college registered on the facebook. Chris Hughes and Dustin Moskovitz joined Mark to help him to prop up the website.

The users of the facebook can join the networks structured by workplace, school, city and region to interact and connect with the other people. The users can add their friends and chat with them through messages, and can also revise their private profile to inform friends about themselves. Facebook is the 2nd largest and well-recognized social network in the internet, following Myspace in conditions of the traffic. Facebook has various features for the users to relate with. They contain the Wall, a room on the entire member’s profile page which allows the friends to send messages for the members to view, Poke that allows the member to send virtual poke, Status that permits the users to notify their associates of their location and actions. A member’s Wall is observable to any person who is able to view that member’s profile that depends on their seclusion settings. In the year 2007, it allowed the users and members to post the attachments to Wall, while it was formerly limited simply to the textual content.

Facebook has over 70 million dynamic users internationally. It is mainly well-known for uploading photos, around 14 million daily. On 3 November, 2007, facebook received around 7 thousand applications along with additional hundred made everyday. Due to its popularity among the youngsters mainly, Facebook has gone through some storms and controversies. It is not allowed and has been blocked to be used in few countries like Iran and Syria. The confidentiality has been another concern and it has been negotiated a lot of times.

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