March 11, 2009 – 8:51 pm

Friends TV series is a situational comedy (sitcom) about six friends living in the New York City of Manhattan. Friends was first broadcasted in 1994 and ran successfully for ten seasons till 2004. During the course it went onto become the premier rated series in television.

Friends revolve around the story of its central characters Chandler Bing, Joey Tribani, Phoebe Buffay, Rachel Green and siblings Monica and Ross Geller. They are mostly together and discuss issues vital to young people like marriage, dating, children and relationship. The story moves along the years with some of them getting married and having family while trying to lead the life of carefree youth. Through all of it, they remain the best of friends.

It was an exceptional product of Hollywood with which people could identify themselves. Friends brought back the situation in sitcom. The humor wasn’t really from jokes. It was almost always from situations that the characters had to face. It never tried to make audience laugh.


Friends was created by Marta Kauffman and David Crane, and produced by the two creators together with Kevin S. Bright. Friends had won 56 awards including 6 Emmys in various categories together with 152 nominations. Friends was popular not only in United States but throughout the world and has been broadcasted in almost one hundred countries. So huge was its popularity, that an estimated 51.5 million U.S audience watched the final episode of friends. Except for the very first and the last episodes, the names of all the episodes have started with ‘The One…’ The first episode was titled ‘Pilot’ and the last ‘The Last One’. The actors even shared great relation behind the scenes. They always made conscious effort to keep the show’s group format and prevent it being dominated by one member.

Friends had been very popular. People all over the world liked it and it received great appreciation from everywhere.  So widespread was it popularity that the recent immigrants to United States from Arab said that after watching friends on cable satellite television, they learned American accent. Friends have contributed to several areas of culture, most notably fashion.

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  2. yea rightly said…d most popular sitcom eva…n it was evn d most awesm one…juz loved evry single episode of ol d ten seasonz…
    love it..

    By Vasudha Sharma on Oct 28, 2009

  3. My favourite tv show

    By Valentina on Dec 30, 2011

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