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June 23, 2011 – 12:19 pm

Goodrich CorporationBusiness Profile
Goodrich is established under the laws of New York State in 1912 and is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Company’s common stock is registered and listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker “GR”. The Company is a leading supplier of systems, components and services to the general and commercial aviation markets. The Company also supplies products and systems to the global space and defense markets. Goodrich’s facilities including manufacturing, sales and service is located across the world including Australia, Canada, England, China, France, Germany, Indonesia, India, Northern Ireland, Mexico, Japan, Poland, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates and Scotland.

Goodrich’s services and products are primarily sold in North America, Europe and Asia. The Company markets its product directly though internal sales force and marketing team. The Company employed nearly 15,600 people in the US and nearly 7,800 people in rest of the world as of December 31, 2006.

Goodrich’s direct sales to the US government form the major portion and accounted for 15% of total net sales. This, however, declined from 18% in 2005 and 20% in 2005. The Company’s general and commercial aviation customers include Airbus, The Boeing Company and a number of regional airplane manufacturers. Airbus is one of the largest customers of the Company and accounted for 17% of its direct net sales during 2006, up from 16% in 2005 and 2004. Direct net sales to Boeing accounted for 16% of the Company’s total net sales in previous three years.
Goodrich Corporation Goodrich Corporation Goodrich Corporation

The Company has divested several of its non core businesses including the Engineered Industrial Products business in May 2002, the Avionics segment in March 2003, the Passenger Restraints Systems business in 2003 and the JCAir Inc. business, in April 2005.

Till 2006, the Company has organized itself into three business units: Airframe Systems, Electronic Systems and Engine Systems. The Company has restructured its business segments with effect from January 2007. Under the plan the Company has renamed two of its three segments. The new business segments are going to be – Actuation and Landing Systems, Nacelles and Interior Systems, and Electronic Systems.

Financial Performance. The Company’s worldwide net sales increased 8.9% to $5,878 million in 2006 from $5,396 million in 2005. Goddrich’s operating earnings increased 21.0% to $645 million in 2006 from $533 million in 2005. The Company’s operating margin improved to 10.9% in 2006 from 9.9% in 2005. The Company’s net income increased 83.3% to $482 million in 2006 from $263 million in 2005. Goodrich’s net income margin also increased to 8.2% in 2006 from 4.9% in 2005.

Engine Systems
Engine Systems business manufactures products related to aircraft engines, these includes cowlings and components, delivery systems for fuel, and rotating and structural components. Engine Systems includes:

• Aerostructures: Manufactures nacelle systems, such as pylons, and thrust reversers and associated engine housing component

• Engine control systems: Offers fuel metering controls, afterburner fuel pump, metering unit nozzles and fuel pumping systems; Electronic control hardware and software, engine health monitoring systems and geometry actuation controls.

• Turbomachinery products: Manufactures rotating assemblies such as thermal and metallic barrier coatings for industrial gas turbine engine and aircraft engines.

• Turbine fuel technologies: Offers fuel nozzles, manifolds and valves, and injectors for industrial gas turbine engine and aerospace engines.

Airframe Systems
Airframe Systems business offers components and systems related to aircraft taxi, take off, flight control, stopping and landing, and airframe maintenance. Airframe Systems business includes:

• Actuation systems: Offers actuators for flight control systems which operate ailerons and rudders, elevators, as well as slats and flaps; and systems controlling steering systems for missiles.

• Landing gear: Designs and manufactures landing gear systems for military and commercial aircrafts.

• Aircraft wheels and brakes: Offers brake and wheel systems to OEMs as well as serves the aftermarket for these products.

• Aviation technical services: Offers maintenance of heavy airframe, component overhaul and repair, aircraft painting, certification and engineering services

• Engineered polymer products: Offers acoustic materials, marine composite structures and fireproof composites.

Electronic Systems
Electronic Systems business manufactures a broad array of components and systems which facilitates flight control and management, flight performance measurements and safety data. Electronic Systems business includes:

• Optical and space systems: Offers surveillance, reconnaissance and intelligence systems as well as electro-optical defense, commercial and scientific applications; and builds and designs engineered optics, electronics and shortwave infrared cameras.

• Sensor systems: Offers a number of sensors for military and commercial aircrafts used in measurement of inertia, mass flow and altitude, position, speed, liquid level, and temperature

• Power systems: Offers constant and variable frequency DC and AC electrical generating systems

• Aircraft interior products

• Fuel and utility systems

• De-Icing and specialty systems

• Lighting systems

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