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July 2, 2011 – 3:02 pm

Lincoln Electric HoldingsBusiness Profile
Lincoln Electric Holdings is manufacturing & reselling company, which is into whole range of products related to cutting and welding. The company’s welding products are systems related to wire-feeding, arc welding power sources, packages for robotic welding, consumable fluxes and electrodes and equipment for fume extraction. The Company also produces torches and regulators that are utilized in oxy-fuel cutting and welding. Apart from this core production the Company is in soldering and the brazing alloys market.

The Company manufactures various wire feeding systems and arc welding power sources that are used in various technology such as basic units of light maintenance and manufacturing and various machines used in robotic applications, fabrication and welding production. The company produces three types of primary arc welding electrodes i.e. stick or coated manual electrodes, solid electrodes which are produced in drum or coil reel forms for feeding in continuous manner in welding and cored electrodes which is produced in form of coil form continuous feeding.

Lincoln Electric Holdings has various manufacturing facilities in joint venture or fully-owned subsidiaries in United States, Brazil, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Colombia, Germany, France, Ireland, Indonesia, Italy, the Netherlands, Mexico, China, Spain, Poland, Turkey, Venezuela and Taiwan.

Lincoln Electric Holdings Lincoln Electric Holdings Lincoln Electric Holdings

The company has two operating segments in Europe and North America and all other operating units located in various geographic locations are combined under the segments of Other Countries. This Other Countries segments includes operations of Company’s businesses in Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, Colombia, China, Mexico, Venezuela and Taiwan. The Company has it’s headquarter along with manufacturing facilities in Cleveland, Ohio portion of the United States. In addition, the Company has manufacturing in four other locations in the United States and 30 other manufacturing locations, which includes joint ventures as well, in 18 foreign countries

In 1895 John C. Lincoln founded The Lincoln Electric Company. In 1998, reorganization of The Lincoln Electric Company was done into a structure of holding company. The new company got the name that is Lincoln Electric Holdings, Inc and it became a publicly-held company and parent company of all subsidiaries of Lincoln Electric. The company has headquartered in Cleveland and has various joint ventures in 19 countries. The company has various sales offices in over 160 countries.

The Company has under its name various valuable patents, which are primarily in arc welding area. It has lead to increase in process application both in the United States and international jurisdictions.

Common shares of the company are traded on The NASDAQ under the ticker “LECO.” The net sales of the company for 2006 had an increased 23.2% to $1.97 billion from $1.60 billion in 2005. The net sale increased by $248,048 due to volume and $54,496 due to acquisitions.
In October, 2006, Lincoln Electric Holdings acquired all stock of Metrode Products Limited. It is a manufacturer of quality welding equipment and has headquartered in London, England. The Company acquired SPAWMET Sp. z.o.o. in March 2007. It is a producer of stick electrode products. In July 2007, the company acquired all stocks of Nanjing Kuang Tai Welding Material Co., Ltd. It is a Naniing, China based company and produced stick electrode products
Lincoln Electric’s providing cost-effective, most innovative, quality cutting and welding solutions to the various companies from more than 100 years. Lincoln make its highly advanced tools through comprehensive and aggressive product development and research program. These types of programs are done in David C. Lincoln Technology Center. The company has highly qualified work force and incentive management and various compensation systems.

The products of the company are sold and distributed in domestic as well as international markets. The products, In North America, are sold primarily through retailers, industrial distributors, and directly to users. The Company has an organization for international sales, in outside North America, that include employees and various agents that sell products to agents, distributors, product users and dealers.
Following are the company’s end user market.

• General metal fabrication
• Infrastructure industry
• Defense and Transportation industries
• Heavy equipment industries
• Retail resellers
• Rental market

The primary raw materials, which are required in operation of the company, are various electronics, steel, chemicals, brass, engines, aluminum and copper alloys. These are all available in open market.

The Company has acquired ISO 9001 certification in nearly all facilities across the world. The Company also has acquired ISO 14001 certification for its manufacturing facilities in the United States and is in process of acquiring the same in other manufacturing facilities worldwide.

The Company has understanding that it is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of equipment and consumables in the field with only three or four major companies in competition. However there exist many numerous small players. The company is planning for strategies to align supply chain and reduce cost by having low cost manufacturing locations.

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