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ManpowerBusiness Profile

Manpower is an international leader of employment services industry. Manpower is about $18 billion company provides employers for various employment and business cycle that includes permanent, temporary and contract recruitment; training; employee assessment and selection; outplacement; consulting and outsourcing . The company has over 4,400 offices in 73 countries and provides services to its customers in various industry segments, all over the world. The main focus of company is on increasing productivity through improved efficiency, quality and cost-reduction in total workforce.The company operates under five major brands: Manpower, Manpower Professional, Elan, Jefferson Wells and Right Management.

Manpower was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA in 1948 by attorneys Elmer Winter and Aaron Scheinfeld. In 2006, total revenues increased 10.8% to $17.6 billion. Stock price of the company rose 61% during 2006. In 2006 company also show an increased gross profit 11.1% to $3.1 billion. In December 2006, Manpower acquired 67% interest in Grow Talent, which is an Indian company.

Manpower’s shares were traded on the New York Stock Exchange since 1967 under the ticker ‘MAN’.

Manpower Manpower Manpower

Manpower Inc. provides various comprehensive services for the entire employment and business sectors including:

Permanent, temporary and contract recruitment
Employee assessment and selection

The Company’s Operations:

United States

In the United States Company operates through Manpower and Manpower Professional brands. The company had 540 branch and 319 franchise offices in the United States.The company provides various services that helps to maintain consistent service quality all over United States.The company also provides payroll processing and client invoicing of workers for all branch offices .
In the United States, Manpower provides various employment services that include permanent, temporary and contract recruitment, training, assessment and selection, and outsourcing. In 2006, about 31% of United States recruitment revenues were derived from placing office staff, which includes contact center staff, 61% revenues, from placing staff in industries and 8% from placing technical and professional staff.
The company also operates business in US under Jefferson Wells and Right Management brands.


The company has 1,056 branch offices under the Manpower and 82 branch offices under the Supplay in France and the surrounding region. In France the employment services market is focused on temporary recruitment for various industries. In 2006, company derived about 66% of temporary recruitment revenues from placing of industrial staff, 18% from placing of construction workers and 16% from placing of office staff. In France Company also conduct business under Jefferson Wells and Right Management brands.

Europe, Middle East and Africa (excluding France), or EMEA

The company provides various permanent, temporary and contract recruitment services such as assessment and selection, outsourcing services and training throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa. He company has operations in Germany, the Netherlands, , Italy ,Norway, Sweden, Spain, and the United Kingdom. The company has 1,531 branch offices and 55 franchise offices in these regions. In 2006, about 64% of Manpower UK’s revenues from temporary recruitment were derived from placing of office staff, 17% revenues from placing of industrial staff and 19% from placing of technical staff.
The company also acquir Brook Street Bureau PLC, which has about 139 branch offices, separate from the Manpower and Manpower Professional brands in UK. It provides secretarial, light industrial and office recruitment services.

Jefferson Wells

Jefferson Wells provides qualified professionals specialised in solution areas such as internal controls, technology risk management, tax, and accounting and finance. The company has various clients, including half the client from Fortune 500 and provides experienced, salaried professionals across North America and Europe. Jefferson Wells’ has a unique business model and effective organizational structure that make it a highly effective public accounting and conculting firms.The company has 54 offices, in major United States markets, as well as various international offices in London, Amsterdam, Toronto, Milan, Paris and Frankfurt.

Right Management

Right Management provides outplacement and consulting services and has 215 offices in 35 countries all over Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe.Outplacement services provide assistance to employees displaced from employment. Outplacement services are prevalent in UK and Australia and are becoming more common in Europe and Japan.

Consulting services offer assistance to various companies in rising human capital needs and focusing on helping organizations in human side of change. Consultants assist companies to make high performance company. Consulting services helps to employeees to improve commitment, confidence levels, skill sets, overall teamwork and leadership development.

Other Operations

The company operates under the Manpower and Manpower Professional brands with 490 branch offices and 23 franchise offices in all over the world. The operations are mainly located in Australia, Mexico Japan, and Canada. Other operations are in Central and South America and Asia.. In these countries, the Company supplies professional employees to the office, industrial, and technical markets.

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