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The Orgin Of Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse is the third most popular character at Disney theme parks. Minnie mouse made her debut in “Steamboat Willie” on November 18, 1928. Created by Walt Disney she has consistently played the role of lady love of Mickey Mouse since then. She never had the honor of having her own cartoon series but has 73 cartoon appearances with Mickey Mouse and Pluto. 1986 was declared Minnie’s year by Disney to felicitate her.

Minnie’s full name is Minnerva Mouse, according to “The Gleam” published in 1942. Moritimer Mouse is her uncle and she has two nieces Melody and Millicent. Minnie was first voiced by Marcellite Garner and currently is being voiced by Russi Taylor. In most of her appearances Minnie is shown as close friend of Daisy Duck.

In “Steamboat Willie” Mickey is shown vying for Minnie’s attention with Pete as his Rival. In “Mickey’s Follies” first performance of the famous song “Minnie’s Yoo Hoo” is shown. It clearly shows the affection Minnie has for Mickey; it later became a theme song of their series. With “Wild Waves” a pattern of showing Minnie being rescued from danger by Mickey started. In “Wild Waves” Mickey saves Minnie from drowning. In “The Cactus Kid” she is a local dancer who is kidnapped by Peg-Leg Pete before being rescued by Mickey. In “The Firefighters” she is trapped in a burning hotel. Mickey saves her in his role as a firefighter chief.  In “The Gorilla Mystery” released on October 1, 1930 Mickey saves Minnie from an escaped gorilla from the zoo. In the end, Mickey and Minnie are shown tying up the gorilla with a rope.

In “The Picnic” released on November 14, 1930 Pluto makes his first appearance as pet to Minnie. In “Pioneer Days” there is a role reversal when Minnie rescues Mickey from the Native Americans.

Minnie had television special named after her called ‘Totally Minnie”. She appears in her own segments in “Mickey Mouse Works”. In “House of Mouse” Minnie runs the nightclub and Mickey is the host. She also appears in the television series “Mickey Mouse clubhouse”.

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