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April 8, 2007 – 10:01 pm

Mr. BeanMr. Bean is a British television comedy television series which starred Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean. Along with Atkinson, Robin Driscoll, Richard Curtis and Ben Elton are the writers of Mr. Bean. On January 1, 1990 the first episode was broadcast while the final episode titled “Goodnight, Mr. Bean” was broadcast on 31 October, 1995.

After seeing the huge success of Mr. Bean, an animated cartoon series was made in 2002 with the same title. In the animated series also very little actual dialogues are used. In the animated series the number of supporting characters is more than in the original television series and includes Mrs. Wicket, Mr. Bean’s landlady, and Mrs. Wicket’s one eyed cat, Scrapper. The voice for animated Bean was provided by Atkinson himself.

Mr. Bean’s first name is never revealed, when once asked for his first name Bean replies Mister! Mr. Bean is shown as a boy trapped in a grown man’s body who gets into hilarious situations due to his own actions. Mr. Bean is shown as living in London always wearing a tweed jacket and a red tie.
Mr. Bean Mr. Bean Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean is shown as an alien falling from the sky in the animated version.  Mr. Bean’s best friend is his teddy bear, simply named Teddy. The teddy is shown to be inanimate while Mr. Bean behaves as if the teddy were for real. In several episodes the bear with button eyes ends up being destroyed either partially only to be revived intact in later episodes.

In the first episode of Mr. Bean, he had an orange 1969 Morris Mini which was crashed at the end of first episode itself. From then on a 1977 model of Mini with lime green color is his car of choice. Irma Gobb is the girlfriend of Mr. Bean but Mr. Bean thinks of Irma more as a friend than his love interest.

“Bean: The Ultimate Disaster Movie” was released in 1997 and the movie became a commercial success by grossing more than $ 230 million globally. The movie was directed by Mel Smith. Unlike in the sitcom and the animated series where Mr. Bean occupies the centre stage and the plot revolves around him only, in the movie Mr. Bean is shown living with a family in California. On March 2007, second movie of Bean, “Mr. Bean’s Holiday”, was released in UK with Atkinson again in the lead role. It has been directed by Steve Bendelack.

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  4. Thanks for the information given…I m a crazy fan of Mr.Bean,I myself used to do a few things like him, fust to enjoy with my friends.Thanks once again..

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  8. There was a famous french actor, Jacques Tati, who did similar pantomime comedy in the early 1950s as “Mr. Hulot”. I’m sure this was an influence on Rowan Atkinson’s charactor development.

    By Zetetic on Sep 23, 2009

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