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February 17, 2008 – 11:58 am

The Origin OF Photo Frame
Until date, Photo frames have captured and preserved every happy moments in our houses from our first walk to the scholarship day.  Can you think of the Photo frame hanging on the drawing rooms wall, which has your entire family’s photo? A smile comes over your face. Another one is kept on your side table with sister or brother fighting for the favorite toy, a tickling is felt in your stomach. All of these bring all the faded memories back in our mind. This is the efficacy of a photo that we can capture the moment of happiness in a single click and then later frame it to a photo.

History and its origin
Almost 3-4,000 years ago, photo frames evolved from the borders of the vase and tomb paintings. These later were also visible on mosaics wall pieces, which were sequence of events and decorative panels of that time. Then early Christian art adapted the frames to carve the edges of the ivory book. By this, time the purpose of the frames had deviated from decoration to preservation of accentuated works of those centuries. Then the paintings and photo frame came into the late century. The concept of photo frames now modernized to such an extent that even digital photo frames are now easily available.
In those days, the gold and the gems in the frames were symptomatic of great wealth and prosperity. In the 14-15 century, a medieval cathedral was imitated at Italy. These ecclesiastical and cathedral settings were the first to display real picture frames. Then the same were specially made as emblem by monarch and nobility to demonstrate there status and wealth. Often these frames indicated social status of the nobles and displayed their power and glory of their workmanship. With more advancement, the photo frames developed from these frames only.

What is a photo frame?
A photo frame is a supporting structure or a container to preserve or augment it out show. It also serves the purpose to make it easier to display and protect it from some external damage.

Photo frames are customarily made of hard or soft wood. Even though other materials are now a days used polyester or aluminum. A photo frame can be of any texture, color or sizes but the main structure or the backbone is the common for all. Some photo frames are ornately decorated while others follow the rules of simplicity yet look very exquisite. Even some times photo frames can order to be made and carved according to the theme of the photo.
The photo frame generally contains a panel of glass or plastic to protect the photo. The fitted glass may be coated from different substance, and generally, Ultra violet filters are used. Even many a times glazing’s like Optium, Denglas and museum glass also makes the frames partially non reflective making it comfortable to view when not in ideal lighting conditions. Many photo frames are decorated with clay, sand and many other ornamental things. They look really attractive, sweet, and ideal gifts for your loved ones.

It was not before 1965, that John and Stephen Feinsod wanted to show there creativity with the world. They ordered quality-framing material in volume and then created and designed their custom-made frames from them. They knew very little of the work but had much more creativity than the market leaders. They planted the seed and nurtured the photo frame industry in America. Before long, their work was appreciated by the rest of the world. Then completely new trends of photo frame were launched into the market.
Photo frame market took a great leap after that for generations. Then came the frames made of metals, wood, stone and many other things. Now with the advent of technology the photo frames have also found a new area to explore and are constantly growing with trends. Now as digital cameras and camera phones have become vital in our daily routine, so the cost of the processing the films to paper photo is no longer required. Now, digital photo frames are available in the market. In these digital photo frames, one can view all the memories constantly by just transferring them into the memory card and view them on digital photo frames. By keeping a digital photo frame, you can keep a track of the old memories and the best part is no more handling those heavy photo albums. Just sitting by the digital photo you can see the entire photo on display. Transition between each photo can also be timed and one can view them as slides how without doing anything and live the moments again. Nevertheless, the photo frame has lost its utility in protecting the snap now it is just an exquisite display.
Everything has simplified so much and to such extent, that there is no more botheration left to treasure all sweet memories and hanged them in the photo frames on the walls of our heart.

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