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Sabu is an Indian comic character created by Pran. His first appearance was in “Chacha Chaudhary and The Pocket Thief” which was released in 1971. He is an extra-terrestrial being from Jupiter who helps Chacha Chaudhary in fighting crime. Sabu is shown as a giant with great height. He is well built and has to eat a lot of food due to his large size.

When Sabu was traveling the solar system he cane to earth and immediately fell in love with it. He was enchanted by the beauty of nature on seeing lovely mountain peaks, rivers and dense forests. He decides to stay on earth after meeting detective Chacha Chaudhary and his wife Bini who treat him very well. He stays with Chacha and helps Chacha Chaudhary in fighting crime. Raka is his main enemy.

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