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scooby doo

Scooby-Doo is an animated television series which premiered in 1969. The animated series was created for Hanna-Barbara Productions by Joe Ruby and Ken Spears. After having success with “The Archie Show” in 1968 Fred Silverman, in charge of CBS’s children programs, contacted Hanna and Barbara to create a show with mystery solving teenage group.The show was initially titled “Mysteries Five” and had five teenagers, all part of a rock band, rather than present four. The show has “Scooby-Doo”, a dog that can talk and four teenagers: Fred “Freddie” Jones, Daphne Blake, Velma Dinkley, and Norville “Shaggy” Rogers. The five characters of the show are referred to as “Mystery, Inc.” and solve mystery cases, most of which involve ghosts.

For transportation purpose they use a van named “Mystery Machine”. While designing the dog Takamoto, designer of the Scooby-Doo, used unconventional design by giving the dog double-chin, sloped back and bowed legs. Silverman didn’t like the name “Mysteries Five” and gave the title “Who’s S-S-Scared?” to the show. After the show was rejected by CBS executives on the grounds that it was too scary and not fit for young children, Silverman asked Ruby and Spears to rework the show and shift the basic theme to comedy than horror. Ruby and Spears did away with the rock band and paid more attention to Shaggy and the dog, then named Too Much. After listening to Frank Sinatra’s song “Strangers in the Night”, Silverman decided to rename “Too Much” as “Scooby-Doo” and the show as “Scooby-Doo, Where are You!”. CBS executives approved the show when it was shown to them in its revised form.

“Scooby-Doo, Where are You!” debuted on CBS when its first episode “What a Night for a Knight” was aired on September 13, 1969. Don Messick voiced Scooby-Doo, Casey Kasem voiced Shaggy, Frank Welker voiced Fred, Nicole Jaffe voiced Velma and Stefanianna Christopherson voiced Daphne. In the first run, the teenage group was shown as trying to solve mysteries behind ghosts and monsters. Inadvertently Scooby and Shaggy would run into the monster and would be chased by the monster.
scooby doo scooby doo scooby doo

Due to the immense popularity and success of “Scooby-Doo, Where are You!” it was renewed for a second season in 1970. The program was called “The New Scooby-Doo movies” when its duration was doubled to one full hour. It now featured a guest star who used to help the teenagers solve mysteries. Batman & Robin, Don Knotts, The Three Stooges and others appeared on the show. After 1974 reruns of the show were telecast till 1976 when the show moved to ABC.

While on ABC, the format of the show was changed almost every year. When Scooby-Doo’s ratings began to slip Scrappy-Doo, Scooby’s small nephew, was added to the show and the show was titled “Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo”. When the formula worked, Fred, Daphne and Velma were dropped from the show in 1980 and the show’s format was changed. Instead of having one half hour mystery the show had three different mysteries each seven minute long. When the how’s format changed again in 1983, Daphne made a comeback to the show, now titled “The All-New Scooby and Scrappy-Doo show”. The new format of the show now had two eleven minute adventures and ran for two seasons. The second season was again renamed as “The New Scooby-Doo Mysteries” and occasionally featured Velma and Fred.

In 1985 “The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo” debuted with Daphne, Shaggy, Scooby, Scrappy and two new characters Flim-Flam and Vincent Van Ghoul. Vincent van was based on and voiced by Vincent Price. In this series all of them travel around the world to capture the thirteen most terrifying ghosts and ghouls of the world. After the last episode of this series aired in 1986 no new episode was aired for next two years though reruns of previous episodes were telecast. The cast of Scooby-Doo is shown as high school students in “A Pup Named Scooby-Doo”. The show which debuted in 1988 on ABC was a success and it ran till 1991.

“What’s New, Scooby-Doo” was aired on Kids WB in 2002 after seeing the success of reruns of Scooby-Doo series on Cartoon Network. In the new series the teenage gang was updated so as to make them in sync with the modern time. The show was produced at Warner Bros. Television Animations as Hanna-Barbara was bought by Warner Bros. in 2001. The show ran for three seasons and was replaced by “Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get a Clue!” in September 2006. In the present series Shaggy, who has inherited money along with a mansion from an uncle, along with Scooby are the central characters with Fred, Velma and Daphne making an occasional appearance to help them.

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  2. This is a real treat, to go on this website, and see the great pictures, that people have drawn of Scooby-Doo, My daughter is doing an Easter Egg box on this Idea, I thought I would have a lok of Scooby-doo on the internet, This website Surprised me….

    By Kristy White on Feb 6, 2008

  3. I love scooby doo watching the show when I was little. Now in high school I am doing a report on Scooby doo.
    He is such a lovable dog

    By Matthew on Apr 2, 2008

  4. this website needs WAAAYYY more scooby doo facts (gang profiles, etc.)

    By laurelei on Apr 7, 2008

  5. Scooby-Doo rules!! It’s cool that you are doing a report on scooby Mathew, and I totally agree with you Laurele!

    By Jake on Apr 15, 2008

  6. scooby doo rules man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Gustavo on Apr 15, 2008

  7. and shaggy too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Gustavo on Apr 15, 2008

  8. woooooooooooow i love this web site

    By star felix on Apr 30, 2008

  9. you are the worst cartoon character ever

    By jacob v on May 14, 2008

  10. i loved scooby doo when i was a kid :)

    By scc on Jan 26, 2009

  11. dude/dudet thanks you just completed my school speech

    By anthony on Jan 28, 2009

  12. Scooby doo was a class project …each character in the original represented a student from one of the 5 colleges in Massachusetts.U-Mass being the center.

    By Polly on Sep 17, 2009

  13. going fancy dress on halloween as the scooby doo gang i<m gonna be daphine r jayne is thelma my husband david is fred and r jaynes fella is shaggy

    By irene blackham on Oct 19, 2009

  14. scooby duby doo where are you. were here to find you.da da dad da da dad daadaaa..:D YEAA

    By Ruby Duby on May 10, 2010


    By Ruby Duby on May 10, 2010

  16. i luv the new series on cartoon network it is the same but has the reality of teenagers added in
    it ROX

    By person on Sep 4, 2010

  17. I agree with everyone except jecob v (if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all). I also think you need to expand the web site, glad your here though!

    By Julie l.k. on Sep 5, 2010

  18. i must be 1 of the oldest fans of scooby doo it is classic

    By craig eden on Oct 7, 2010

  19. scooby doo was and still love scooby doo i will always going to be a kid at hart

    By jean on Dec 20, 2010

  20. I love Scooby-Doo and I always will. The show was amazing and still is! I Love Scooby-Doo!!! :grin:

    By ashley on Jan 16, 2011

  21. I love scooby doo he is a funny dog

    By jada on Feb 15, 2011

  22. its not soo good but not soo bad.

    By sam on Mar 21, 2011

  23. Lindos demais ?

    By Patricia Mylena de Almeida on Oct 7, 2011

  24. I have liked scooby doo even since I was little and I am doing doing a high school project on it also!

    By Mark G on Dec 5, 2011

  25. Scoooby Doo will never stop being a good show! Funny as hell and fun to watch! If I can I would have gotten all of the Scooby Doo Shows on DvD! One of my Favorite Scooby Doo movies is Scooby Doo on Zombie Island where the Zombies are real but there for freedom! I will always and always will be a Scooby Doo Fan 4 Life! Love U Scooby Doo

    By Jasmine H on Jan 22, 2012

  26. I like it when I was a kid but now I don’t Like it anymore.

    By Asantewaa on Jan 28, 2012

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