April 7, 2007 – 9:03 am

shrimatijiSHRIMATI JI
Shrimati Ji was created in 1968 by great Indian cartoonist Pran Kumar Sharma and published by Diamond Comics. Shrimati Ji (it is a word to address married Indian women respectfully) is shown as belonging to a middle class family having two kids. Due to the middle class connection people easily associate with her as majority of population belongs to this class.

This cartoon series is published in Manorama, Punjab Kesari, and Sandhya Times etc. along with being published in magazine/newspapers comics of Shrimati Ji have also been compiled by Diamond Comics.

One of the most common themes in this short is that of spiraling price rise which is very relevant in today’s world of rising inflation. The couple, Kishore and Sheela, braves all sorts of situations with a smile on their face. As a normal house wife Sheela likes hosting kitty parties, shopping and visiting beauty parlour to look good.

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