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The Origin of Snow World

Ocean Park Multi Tech Ltd are leading in the world of conceptual them park. They built the first water theme park known as Ocean Park in Andhra Pradesh, India. It is a new type of amusement centre and was made possible with the active encouragement of the Tourism Department of the State Government. The Snow World has come out from their bag of wonders. On 26th January 2004 the Chief Minister and his entourage of more than 2000 guests inaugurated the Snow World. At a time 2400 visitors can cool around in the theme park.
The very word ‘snow is something missing from the Andhra Pradesh local parlance because the weather is not even cool or cold – it is either hot or hotter still. In such a region has come snow – perennial snow round the year. It is not everywhere for everyone – it is only at Snow World and for those who have managed to enter it. It is the world’s largest and India’s first park moulded on the theme of snow and ice. To celebrate its first anniversary the ticket prices have been slashed by half. This will give an opportunity to the middle and lower middle groups to take a peep. The Managing Director Mr. Venkateshwara Rao asked all and sundry to avail of this chance. The project has come at a cost of 12 crore rupees hopes to attract tourists from home and abroad.
Visitors are welcomed with hot steaming soup to allow for acclimatization. Inside the theme park there is mountain horizon (300 degrees) etched against white snow and blue sky. Light reflections create the right effect in the ambience of alpine cottages, flora and fauna. Consultancy has been given by a firm from the Netherlands to create this wonder world having special play zones for toddlers, facilities for snow wars, sliding on snow tubes, bumping around in ice cars, going dizzy on merry-go-rounds, skating on ice trying your hand with ice sculptures. Make your snowman and hit around at each other in a second childhood. The state of the art technology has been used to make the snow. The gurus in this field are Woomera Snow Guns Ltd of Australia. There are no artificial chemicals or other stuff used that may cause harm.
OPML are the pioneers in the leisure industry in India. Snow Park sprawls over 17,000 square feet on Lower Tank Bund Road that is just behind Indira Park. It has become a landmark for the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad and drawing thousands from all corners of the subcontinent. There are also facilities for Go-Karting over 40,000 square feet. It is the one of the largest in Asia. Kart-Cave is an indoor go-Karting track. The latter game has been very popular in America and now it is at our doorsteps. Motor sports enthusiasts will be elated to savour the kicks and thrills laid out in Snow World. Mr. Nilesh Roy is the architect. There is also an indoor dancing space that can be booked by any group to host functions and special events as well as a 4-D theatre. The launching has been timed to fall within the joy of Christmas celebrations. David Pascall along with Western Bank and anchored by D.J Harish and D.J Chinn will inaugurate the take off. The company has other offers up their sleeves – children would be given gifts and there would also be prizes for the best dancing pair. Already R.2.5 crore has been invested and 300 workers were engaged for a period of a year to complete the thematic Go Karting arena.  The visitor rocks to a new effect that is replicated in the caves stunningly fashioned with plaster-of-paris.
In neighbouring province of Tamil Nadu is the Abirami Snow World – a place that has no peer. It sports the first snow cave in the world that has been artificially created. Five tones of snow are made from mineral water. There is a reverse osmosis plant. It has 35 tons of ice at any given point of time. Winter clothes (jerkins, boots, gloves and the like) are given out to visitors. Each set is cleaned after each use. For 20 minutes residents of Tamil Nadu, used to nothing but hot climate, get a taste of winter extremities for a small consideration. The temperature is maintained at minus four degrees Celsius – a figure that will not cause any health problems. One has to pass through a cave before entering the main arena. It will give the feeling of being in an alpine mountain shelter. The ticket is known as a passport. It will have five entry visas. There is also an attendant photographer to take orders. The pictures are of a special type – something that can be printed on T-shirts. There are other excitements galore – snow sledges, sliding in ice games, playing basket ball on the snow, a restaurant in the middle of ice and snow, visit to arctic igloos and one can build a snow man and taste of the elixir of snow, snow and snow. Real snow will fall on the visitor. All age groups will find this a refreshing change in the sweat of the tropics.
The geography books will turn topsy-turvy when you hear of the sacred Amarnath Caves in Chennai. The visitor will get the real feel of the yatra – trudging on foot to Amarnath and have a glimpse of the holy lingam. The lingam has been replicated in ice inside the artificial snow park. In the Abirami snow world there are singing penguins to dance and play with.
What other better way is there to cool off with a combination of pilgrimage and fun than the Snow Worlds of South India?

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