May 11, 2011 – 1:20 pm

SoccerThe Association football which is commonly recognized as soccer or football is a squad game which is played amid the two teams. Each team comprises of 11 players and it is the most accepted sport internationally. It is a football alternative which is played on an artificial turf field of a rectangular grass with 2 goals each at the short ends. The aim of the game is to gain by kicking the ball in the opposing goal. The goalkeepers are permitted to make use of there arms and hands to impel the ball, whereas the other players can only kick the ball. The squad that scores the maximum goals wins the game. If in any case the match scores tie, the game is played for few extra minutes or it is declared draw.

The games rotating around kicking the ball was played in a lot of countries throughout the history. According to the FIFA, the earliest form of this game was an exercise of the second and the third centuries BC in China which was known as Cuju. Along with this, the game harpastum played in Roman can be a remote ancestor of the football. Several forms of this game were played in the medieval Europe, although the rules were different by both location and period. The contemporary rules of the game, football are based on mid-19th century which is an effort to standardize the various forms of the game. 

Cambridge Rules, initially drawn up in the year 1848 at the Cambridge University, were mainly very influential in development of the subsequent codes that includes Association football. In the year 1863, the laws of the game initiated the basis for the manner the game of football is played these days. This game is governed globally by the International Federation of Association Football which is generally known as FIFA.
Soccer Soccer Soccer

The most prestigious and well known international football championship is FIFA World Cup which is held once in every 4 years. This championship game which is the most broadly viewed international playoff, boasts the audience that is twice of Summer Olympic Games.

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