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The Orgin Of Superman 

Superman was created in 1932 by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster and published by DC comics. After being rejected by several publishers he made his first appearance in “Action Comics #1” in 1938.

Superman was born as Kal-El on fictional planet Krypton. His father Jor-El transports unborn Kal-El to planet Earth through hyperspace just before the impending destruction of the planet Krypton.

The tiny rocket containing Kal-El is found by a farmer couple, Jonathan and Martha Kent in Kansas. Being childless they adopt and raise him as Clark Kent in Smallville.

After Clark begins to fly and starts showing other supernatural powers at 18 years of age his adoptive father reveals to him how they found him and showed him the remains of the rocket he was found in. Clark decides to leave Smallville the following day. Before leaving he tells his secret to his closest friend Lana Lang. For four years he traveled around the world learning more about his powers while helping people on the way.

After his tour of four years Clark takes admission in the University of Metropolis majoring in journalism. Clark meets “Daily Planet” reporter Lois Lane when he is saving a NASA space plane from a certain crash. Clark, then 25 is given superhero status and the name Superman by the account Lois Lane writes in the Daily Planet.

After this incident Clark feels the need of a secret identity to continue his heroic acts. His parents help him to develop a special costume with the emblem on chest which is now universally recognized. He also began wearing glasses in his non-superhero role so as to differentiate Clark Kent from Superman.

Clark starts his journalist career with the Daily Planet by getting first exclusive interview with Superman.  He later wins Pulitzer Prize, becomes famous for his articles and goes on to publish several books. Clark comes to know the fate of Krypton and his parents by a recording made by his father (Jor-El) when he is 28. After this Clark’s resolve to save his adopted planet Earth becomes stronger.

Superman is probably the superhero with the maximum number of superpowers. Clark gets his superpowers by absorbing solar energy and using that energy for his special powers. He can easily lift planes; can fly without help of any gadgets or extra body parts such as wings. He has got a very strong body which can’t be destroyed easily. He can easily survive in outer space provided he has a readily available air supply. Without the air supply Superman can survive for 60-90 minutes in space after taking a deep breath. He can easily travel inter-planetary distance with the help of his power of flight but for interstellar distances he has to rely on the help of gadgets such as spaceship. By using power of super-speed Superman can travel great distances in minutes. Super-breath is the power by which Superman can inhale deeply and then exhale the breath with great force. By using his super-hearing he is able to block out and discern a particular voice within a city. Clark has got X-ray, IR, Telescopic and Microscopic vision! By using his X-ray vision he can see through all solid objects except lead.

 The only thing that Superman has to avoid is magic and Kryptonite. It is a green glowing rock to which if Superman is exposed he starts losing his powers. Longer durations of exposure (more than an hour) can kill him.

In the 1990s Superman was killed by villain Doomsday only to be resurrected shortly. Superman and Lois Lane marry in 1996. Superman turns vegetarian in 2000’s. Superman is stripped of his powers in 2006 for a fictional year.

Recent comics of Superman have been:
“The Adventures of Superman” (1986), in 1991 the title was changed back to “Superman: “The Man of Steel” which ran until 2003.
“Superman: The Man of Tomorrow” ran from 1995 to 1999.  
“Superman/Batman” was launched in 2003
“All Star Superman” in 2005
“Superman Confidential” in 2006

In 1978 director Richard Donner made “Superman” casting Christopher Reeve as Superman and soon its three sequels were made. In 2006 “Superman Returns” was made casting Brandon Routh as Superman.

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