Tele Tech Holdings, Inc.

July 24, 2011 – 7:24 pm

Tele Tech Holdings, Inc.Business Profile
TeleTech Holdings, Inc. (TeleTech) is an International BPO or business process outsourcing company. TeleTech provides various work from home, offshore and onshore business process outsourcing solutions The Company offers an integrated solution that also spans process, technology, people and infrastructure for governments and clients, in automotive, cable, broadband, financial services, healthcare, media, entertainment, logistics, retail, satellite, travel, wire line, technology and various wireless industries. TeleTech provides various outsourcing solutions such as customer management; transaction based processing, database marketing services, professional sales and ecommerce to its clients.

TeleTech has 33,600 workstations and 88 delivery centers in more than 17 countries. The TeleTech’s BPO services provide transfer of business processes of front and back office, to delivery centers. The company also manages various operations and processes of delivery centers. Apart from these services TeleTech develop several other services like On Demand services and TeleTech@Home services. The company operates in 7 countries to provide partial or fully offshore support to clients, which includes Brazil, Argentina, Malaysia, Canada, India, Mexico and the Philippines. There are 18700 workstations existing in these countries, which is approximately 56% of total capacity in delivery centers. Other 10 countries in which company operates are US, Australia, China, England, Germany, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Singapore and Spain.

The Company works on technology platform, which is secured, private and 100% IP (Internet Protocol) based infrastructure. This has helped in standardization and to centralize entire delivery capabilities worldwide.

Tele Tech Holdings, Inc. Tele Tech Holdings, Inc. Tele Tech Holdings, Inc.

The company was founded in 1982 and in 1994 organized as Delaware corporations. Company still operates as a predecessor company of TeleTech. In June 2006, the TeleTech acquired Direct Alliance Corporation (DAC). DAC is a provider of professional sales, e-commerce and account management services to 500 companies of Fortune.

97% of revenue comes from business process outsourcing services and mainly in North America and International segment of BPO. In 2006 revenue of North America BPO segment was $815.0 million as compared to $678.8 million in 2005. In 2006 revenue of International BPO segment was $356.1 million as compared to $325 million in 2005.

DAC (Direct Alliance Corporation), which is a fully owned subsidiary of TeleTech Holdings, has been awarded at the 2006 Selling Power Sales Excellence Awards for sales achievements.

The company provides following core services.

Customer Management: – Customer Management services provide integrated solutions and various opportunities to learn and manage about customers and clients in various key phases of customer management. TeleTech provides wide knowledge of customer interactions, learning data and presenting data back to various decision makers. The company first assesses complete needs of customer, evaluates better solutions, trains customers and builds strong relationship and finally captures buying behavior, which helps in making strategic decisions.

Direct sales: – Company provides real time methods and tools including CRM or customer relationship management software, EDM or Electronic Direct Marketing, order management and analytics to target high value clients. These marketing methodologies help to expand market and increase revenue from business market.

Human Capital: – Human Capital services offer a wide approach to manage employee experience and maintain customer loyalty. This segment has more than 20 years of experience in employee management.

Professional Services: – consulting division has more than 25 years of experience in complex customer and client’s management industry. The company provides high quality BPO solutions and various strategies for customer management. Professional services keeps customer’s business competitive by providing various supporting processes.

Front office services of TeleTech include clients target, acquire, serve, grow, and retain its customers. TeleTech’s back office services offer managing customers critical processes, like provisioning of products or service, fulfillment, lead generation and sales support, loyalty, reward, expense, and supply chain management, collections, loans, claims, payment and various warranty processing. Company also offers several retirement plan management, data analysis, market research and intelligence, network management, training and scheduling and workforce recruiting. TeleTech operates in17 countries, company provide services entirely or partially for offshore clients in 7 countries including Brazil, Argentina, Canada, India, Mexico, Malaysia, and Philippines.


OnDemand services deliver an integrated method of client management applications. It provides delivery technology, software services, knowledge and other services. OnDemand is a subscription license solution on monthly basis. The TeleTech’s OnDemand solutions helps growth of business supported by client management and various BPO operations, such as interaction routing, desktop management, self-service, performance management and business intelligence.


TeleTech’s workforce solution provides same training, reporting, workflow and quality tools to employees that work from home, as delivery center employee. It uses central technical architecture to enable secured access, reporting and monitoring for its 1000 clients across globe. Major competitors of the Company are Convergys Corporation, Accenture, CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation), Exlservice Holdings, EDS, Peoplesoft, IBM, SR.Teleperformance, WNS limited and SEI (Sykes Enterprises Incorporated).

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