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The Origin Of Television

Television today has become an integral part of almost every household. Earlier considered to be a luxury, television in present times has become a necessity. Television or TV has emerged to be an important source of knowledge and entertainment. Thanks to the inventors of television who made this possible.

The invention of television is the result of long-term efforts of several men. However, two important people whose names are associated with the invention of television are Vladimir Zworykin, and Philo Farnsworth. Although prior to 1922 the concept of television was very much in existence, it was primarily due to the efforts of these two people that the concept of electronic scanning of images, which forms the bases of modern day television, was introduced. Both Zworykin and Farnsworth had applied for a patent of the same during the year 1923 and 1927 respectively. But as Zworykin has filed the patent earlier, he is often termed as the “the father of television”. However, the work of Farnsworth cannot be underestimated. In fact many believe that at least six of his basic patents are being utilized in the manufacture of modern day television.
The history of television can be divided into “Mechanical Television” era, which primarily comprises a period prior to 1935, and the “Electronic Television” era, which is the post 1935 period. Prior to 1935, televisions were not entirely electronic. In the year 1926 the first demonstration of the mechanical television as given by John Baird revealed that the images displayed on the television lacked outlines, were blurred and were also quite small in size. It was only in the post 1935 period that electronic televisions emerged and various countries began broadcasting television programmes.
In present times the sale of television sets has reached exorbitant heights. The actual momentum to the sale of television emerged only after the World War II when people started utilizing their pent up saving to purchase TVs that ranked at the top of their shopping list. 
The modern day televisions are absolutely different in their quality, style and presentation as compared to the earlier days. Today television has emerged in various types and forms. From tube to plasma, from analog to digitals such as HDTV, OLED, Laser TV and numerous other varieties of televisions having different screen sizes are manufactured in a manner that are full of modern technologies in order to cater to the requirement of its viewers. In recent years, interactive television system has gained strong grounds. As the name suggests this system allow its viewers to interact with television content. Viewers can, with remote control switch on or off the TV, they can change channels, control the volume etc. This category of interactive television also includes VCR, video on demand, DVRs and many more aspects. 
The television market has become highly competitive and several manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony, Phillips, Hitachi and many more are trying to attract more and more customers through their style and quality of television sets. In order to attract customers, manufacturers have come up with TVs having inbuilt facilities such as radio, video, videogames etc. A new addition to this list is the web television, which is a specially designed television with Internet connection. This type of television is becoming quite popular amongst many buyers.
The invention of television has in turn led to the growth of several television channels that broadcasts a variety of programmes, which includes news, cartoons, movies, serials as well as advertisements. The word television means, “far sight”, and in true sense of the term, this medium has enabled people to not only view programmes of their own country but also of various countries round the world.  In fact the invention of this telecommunication system has actually proved to be a boon, as it has not only provided employment for those associated with its manufacturing and broadcasting aspects but also has become an important source of connecting people and places.

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  5. I saw the dates listed. Can you tell us what year television reached virtually everyone. Not just the select few in larger centres.

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