The History of the Mini Skirt

May 7, 2007 – 10:41 am

The History of the Mini Skirt

The Orgin Of Mini Skirt

[[Miniature skirts]] or mini [[skirts]] evolved during the sixties with the invention of Lycra. Lingerie was just beginning to evolve into producing tights and of course, tights always go with mini skirts. For a skirt to be qualified as a mini skirt, the hemline has to be at least eight inches above the knee.

Miniskirts actually originated way back in the twenties when corsets were already considered out of style. During that time, flowing skirts were the fashion although it was quite uncomfortable for the women who worked in factories all day. It was the flappers of those time that upped the hemline of those skirts.

Although there are a lot of people who try to claim the title of the creator o fthe mini skirt, it was Mary Quant who first experimented with shorter skirts which she sold in her own clothes shop in London. Because of her reputation of being an excellent designer, the miniskirt became a major international trend. It was further made popular by Andre Courreges who used the design and incorporated it into his Mod look for his spring and summer collection of 1965. Although not that skimpy and tight, Andre was able to introduce the mini skirt into the haute couture of the fashion industry, giving it a position in the fashion world. In the late sixties, the mini skirt became shorter and the micro skirt was invented, coupled with panty hose. Upper garments were adapted as mini-dresses.
In the seventies, the mini skirts reverted to the longer lengths. Because of the growth of the feminist movement during this time, the perception that women who wore mini skirts are cheap objects of desire by men was voiced out. Women’s rights became the trend. And the mini skirt grew longer. However, some still went against the fashion trends and still wore the mini skirt as a sign of rebellion and liberation. It never did go away and songs were even done in dedication to it.

During the eighties, the short skirts were re-introduced but in the form of “rah-rahs” which are usually worn by female cheerleaders. This evolved into the puffball skirt that only lasted a few years. Later still, women were incorporating the miniskirt into a business suit. Television has made a big impact in the renewed popularity of the mini skirt, blending it into blouses to create the little black mini dress that every female should supposedly not go without.

In the 21st century, low waist pants became fashionable for the women, which is actually a misnomer since it is low riding on the hips. The micro miniskirt evolved into the beltskirt, which has less cloth than the mini. Miniskirts are now seen worn over jeans or leggings. Big airy shirts completed the boho style outfit. Short skirts are usually featured nowadays during spring and summer collections since they are the most fashionable and comfortable type of wear for that kind of weather.

The mini skirt has gone a long way from being something used for flirtation to being a garment made for practical uses. Wonder what it will evolve into in the years to come?

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