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The Orgin Of Typewriter

The invention of the [[typewriter]] is not credited to any particular person. Many persons contributed in the development of the typewriter. A patent for a machine similar to the typewriter was taken by Heather Mill in Britain in 1714. Pellegrino Turri, inventor of carbon paper, was one of the early developers of the typewriting machine. Most of the early typewriting machines were developed to help blind people in writing.
A machined called ‘Typographer’, sometimes referred to as the first typewriter, was patented by William Austin Burt in 1829. The machine is described by the London Science Museum as “the first writing mechanism whose invention was documented”. It was slower compared to writing in longhand. The machine was never commercially produced and Burt was unable to find a buyer for the patent. Instead of having an individual key for each character it used a dial to select the character. Due to this it was called an “index typewriter”. Though a large number of typing machines were patented between 1829 and 1870 none was commercially produced.
The first typewriter developed by Charles Thurber, who held many patents, was developed to help the blind. For the first time the typist could see what was being typed when Giuseppe Ravizza created a prototype typewriter in 1855. Brazil considers Fr. Azevedo as the real inventor of the typewriter as he made a typewriter with wood and knives in 1861.
The first typewriter to be manufactured and sold commercially was invented by Rev. Ramsus Malling-Hansen (Denmark) in 1870. It was highly successful in Europe. He used a solenoid on some models for the carriage return. Malling made porcelain model of the keyboard and to achieve greater writing speed he tried different placements of the keys. He placed the most frequently used keys in place where the fastest writing fingers struck and due to this the first typewriter to achieve writing speed more than that of writing by human hand was made. The typewriter was called Hansen Writing Ball and many improvements were made to it later.
Christopher Sholes along with Carlos Glidden and Samuel W. Soule invented the first successful commercial typewriter in 1867. The patent for this machine was sold to Densmore and Yost for $ 12,000. Densmore and Yost did an agreement with E. Remington and Sons, famous then for its sewing machines, to commercially produce it. The production for the first typewriter by Remington started on 1st March, 1873in New York. Along with Remington, Underwood was an early manufacture of the typewriter.
The foundation of the electric typewriter was laid when Thomas Edison invented Universal Stock Ticker in 1870. It was used to remotely print on a paper at one end of the telegraph line from the input received from a typewriter at the other end of the telegraph line. The first electric typewriter was produced in 1902 by the Blickensderfer Manufacturing Company. In the late 1920’s Electronic Typewriters Inc. was a company manufacturing electric typewriters. The patents, tools and the production facilities of the firm were purchased by IBM in 1933. The company invested over a million dollars in typewriter research and came up with IBM Model 01, the first successful electric typewriter.
In today’s world typewriters have been replaced by inexpensive personal computers which have the advantage of having word processing software and can be used with a variety of printers available.

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